Logan Matthew Sorenson, owner and operator of LMSORENSON Photography, born and raised in Salt Lake City, UT. Logan discovered his love for photography in his early twenties, carrying a newly purchased camera everywhere photographing the city around him. Forward to today... LMSORENSON Photography now supplies beautiful imagery to both local and national publications, businesses, artists, musicians and families in and out of the greater  Salt Lake area. Logan strives to provide every client with stellar images of their social, musical, professional or life events.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Basic Info

Where are you located? Are you available to travel for my event?

I currently am based in Salt Lake City, Utah. I regularly travel to neighboring areas in and around the Salt Lake Valley for bookings, and am available to travel outside that area as required by clients.


What kind of photography services do you offer?

Concert and live performance, public or private event, conventions, portraits and headshots, family, wedding, engagement, infant.

I also offer print sales of my art including my landscape & still life imagery. 


What is some of your experience in photography? Who are some of your clients?

As a freelance photographer I have had the opportunity to work with some really great local and national magazines, production companies, non-profits, artists, musicians, as well as being published in a number of online and physical print publications.



What are the costs of your photography service(s)?

Portrait Session Starting At:

Single $200     |     Couples  $300      |     Families (3-4) $350

As varying needs of each client and their projects require more information to ensure understanding of the assignment and top quality of the final product. Such needs may include; rental equipment, required duration of the shoot, location, travel time, wardrobe, number of children, number of guests, required shots list, hair/make-up. etc.

Performance     |     Events    |     Large Group  

If you have interest in a specific project, event coverage or portraiture for yourself or your family. Please do not hesitate to send any details of your needs to my email and I would be happy to provide you with a quoted estimate.




More In Depth Info

How do you deliver my finished images? Do I get every image from the shoot?

Final images from your shoot/event will be uploaded onto Dropbox . A file sharing service that allows a link to be given to the client to make digital files available for clients to download (If another method of delivery is required please let me know to help facilitate).

In regards to image selection, I strive to provide the best of the best picks to get those final images for every client, non desirable images not flattering will be discarded. Non-flattering images can be categorized by several undesirable factors, such as but not limited to, someone blinking, mid-sneeze, mid-bite, no on wants a picture with a mouthful of food! Although certain instances such as kids playing, someone laughing uncontrollably, a bride and groom sharing a quiet moment with eyes closed. Sometimes these do call for a more vulnerable or candid aspect and will definitely be kept in consideration for final images.

What size of images do I receive from my shoot?

Concerts or another type of event photography will receive files being 1200 pixels along their longest edge at 72dpi for online/social media uses. For Print or Publication files will be resized to an appropriate scale at 300dpi. (Needing something else? Please Contact)

Family, Wedding, Infant imagery. All keepers will be loaded into a folder available to the client to download via Dropbox as mentioned above. These files will be sized for social media, other online uses and small to medium form printing of the clients choice. LMSORENSON Photography does reserve the right in the control in the ordering and printing of images larger than 8" x 12" for quality control purposes. Orders and payments for said orders requested of sizes larger than 8" x 12" will be processed though a printing service of the photographers choosing, then delivered to the client when orders are finished.


 Wedding Client Questionnaire

  • How did you hear of LMSORENSON Photography?
  • Is there a specific imagery you have seen from on LMSORENSON.NET Photography (IG, Blog, FB...)  that stands out to you, what speaks to you about it?
  • What are the couple's names and contact information? (Cell Phone & Email Please) Can I contact you via text?
  • Is this a religious service or event? If so, are they any special reqque requirements?
  • What is the date of you event?
  • Where or at what venue(s) is your event taking place?
  • Is there a specific theme to your event? Tell me about your desired mood and photography style for your wedding day.
  • How many guests are you expecting to attend?
  • What sections of your event are you looking have photographed? {i.e. Wedding day prep, dressing room, hair & makeup, groom prep, before the ceremony, ceremony, full reception, first dance only, etc.}
  • What time is your event beginning and what time are you anticipating it will end?
  • Do you have a specific shot list for your event? {i.e. First look/reaction shots, wedding dress displayed over chair arms, bride and mother bts, groom tying bow tie, maid of honor walking down the aisle, specific family members, flower girls, father daughter dance,  etc.}
  • What is your entire wedding day budget?
  • Are there any special circumstances to be aware of? {i.e. divorced parents, extremely animated relatives, budget concerns, etc.}
  • How did you meet each other? Who proposed! How did it happen?

Other Information

  • Wedding Coordinator Name and Contact Information (if applicable):
  • Wedding Party Size
  • Family Sizes
  • Videographer Name and Contact Information (if applicable):
  • Musician(s) and or DJ Contact Information (if applicable):