Day trip to 'Thistle Ghost Town' - Utah

Headed to a spot in Utah known as 'Thistle Ghost Town'

Found this place on the internets via a list of cool places for photos in Utah. Now I maybe got lost and or didn't see everything, but really the entire place seemed a little talked up.

There were definitely some better shots to be had on the way there and the way back.

The victim of a mud slid this area is now feet deep into a pond / swamp that has since been frozen over this winter.

With carvings all over the walls of the structures, this place is most likely used by local kids as a right of passage, hang out spot of sorts.

Only a handful of shacks and one house with some accessories, this place is a great set of a disaster movie. Only one or two squirrels make the hill side home.

Once a slight disappointment has come and gone and you really have nothing else to take a shot of, driving on the nearby back roads and finding some great little landscape shots was the highlight of the trip.

There are a few great bluffs and views of the surrounding mountains and trails.

At a small junction, there is a man made heart formation on the hillside. 

With the next few miles littered with great views, it makes the venture to the ghost town worth the gasoline.

Thanks for looking!

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