BTS - Short Film Location Scouting & Shooting

Photographer / Director Joel Addams is working on a few short films. He included myself and a model for the day, Lindsay Barlow...

We gather some fire wood for a planned shoot, and head out to the west end of Salt Lake City. 

Lindsay Barlow driving as the talent for the short.

Lindsay Barlow driving as the talent for the short.

Just entering the next valley, we find a nice location on the extremely brackish, frozen  shore of the Great Salt Lake.

Joel Addams Filming on a Should Rig and 5D

Joel Addams Filming on a Should Rig and 5D

Shooting both on the way there and then as we exit and search around.

Near the car, there are some rocky formations near where the salty shoreline should be and capture some footage.

We then grab some lonely, moody footage. We have Lindsay walking in the vast salty flat space, flirting with the camera a little bit trying to capture the point of view of a couple, or at least the memory of one.

I switched from bts still to capture a few clips on the dry lake bed.

After finishing with this location, we head to the Skull Valley desert.

Making one quick stop, just near the smoke stack near the Saltair

Grabbing some footage in the nearby 8-10 feet tall plants just off the side of this highway.

We find what seems to be a great location and head down the next few roads and dirt paths.

We get a few establishing shots and wides, we start on a fire for the remaining footage. Lindsay starts by getting some wood out of the truck,

As a few logs get placed we transition for the low light form the fast setting sun. 

And get ready to light this bad boy.

With just a touch (gallon...) of gasoline, we are just about ready.

Fire lights and we are just about to hit pitch black in the middle of the desert.


We gather footage and try to stay warm as the wind is picks up and the temperature quickly drops in the teens (F).

With the evening coming to an end, the footage all shot. We take our belongings and pack it up for the night.

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