Part 3 of 3 - Swim Team Final Group Shots @ J & Jeanné Wagner Jewish Community Center

Part 3 of 3 

Now that we have a few groups shot, it is time for the last of the portraits and the overall group shot with over 50 swimmers.

Now with the only place you can take a photo with that many subjects is the nearby grassy incline.

With it being a sunny day, we, the subjects and the photographer have to wait for the cloud coverage to roll over head (the images above show a simple 5 minutes apart.

The set up for these shots was straightforward and I used one light source. I used a Profoto B1 and a giant shoot through umbrella to do 2 things, one light the subject to pop out from the background and two to diffuse the ever changing and at times harsh directional light from the sun (as it was 09:30a).

Here are some of those shots.

So the group shot for the full group is up next. And using the same hill but now using 2x Profoto B1 backed up from the portraits giving enough room for all the kids to herd on into the frame.

With that all to frustrating fact that you cannot control the weather let alone this many kids. You have to set up the lights, get them in line and take some shots.

Here is one of the finals shots from the day.

We wrap up the day with the late to arrive, last few portraits of the team members. Some kids are super brave and photogenic, some more nervous and need to be silly or take a shot with their friend.

Thanks for looking!

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