You've scouted the wedding location? Now the wedding day!


So in a previous post I gave my opinion that, yes, you should absolutely scout out a location of a wedding before the day of. The practice of which can get you more prepared for an event and comfortable in knowing the physical layout, lighting, flooring, where the bathrooms are, where to park, etc.

I try do this for a lot of my shoots, and recently had a wedding at a local hotel and having visited this venue before I felt this was extremely beneficial and had a more fluid and less stress filled shoot.

1. Stairs

Since I had remembered the main staircase I was able to know where to place myself, where the couple would be headed (the main reception area to camera left) and get some great images of the couple and their procession. 


2. Reception Room

Knowing the size and layout of the room used for the main reception area I was able to find out the location for the dance floor, the size of tables (to move around with equipment) where the kitchen doors are (you do not want to block the pathway of the staff) and finally I could see the ceilings are low enough that I can bounce flash off them if needed. (Walls in the above images would not be up as staff told me).

3. Outside

The area just outside of the main reception area there is a small patio and grassy are as shown in the previous post. 

This was good to have the layout of the cement vs the grassy area as the wedding had a fire dancer for an evening display of light and danger. Being aware of the small area in which the display would be I was able to position myself near the flame and not blocked by the audience. 


These and other shots throughout the night were in part captured with the knowledge that I had from a quick 10 minute trip before the event.

Do you normally scout of locations pick by clients beforehand? What is your method of preparation before a shoot? Share your thoughts below and as always.

Thanks for looking!

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