Portrait of a band - Saint Motel - Salt Lake City @ The Complex

Recently I had the chance to take a portrait of one of the best new bands touring today.

Saint Motel right on the heels of the release of saintmotelevision [Explicit] they stop their tour to perform in Salt Lake City Utah at the downtown venue The Complex.

I was contacted by their representation to cover this show. Having had the privilege to shoot this group before and gotten to know it's members, I jumped at the chance to cover, really focusing on a group photo that was the focus of the event.

I arrived at the venue a tad early with my lights and gear and waited to be shown the available shooting space. The idea of outside was discussed, maybe even on the tour bus? But we eventually just decided on the green room for the shoot, super casual.

The green room consisted of a few couches and a small to medium sized room.

I grab my rental D1 kit from Pictureline in Salt Lake City. Open up the case and set up only one of the monolights due to the space. One with the softbox umbrella I brought along can definitely fill the room for a group of four.

Cameron of Weathers graciously being kicked out of the space for the photo.

With only a few minutes to shoot, I quickly decided that I would use the corner, have twomembers on each side and just have them place themselves as they are no stranger to being in front of the lens. I quickly took a few test shots, chimping at the preview and then adjusting to my taste to what I knew I could work with for a great portrait.

Members of the LA band Weathers offer the space to use and leave the room for a few minutes to shoot.

Way too bright, quickly need to bring the settings in a tad.

A tad too bright, I then bring the aperture in a bit to shut out some extra exposure.

A tad too bright, I then bring the aperture in a bit to shut out some extra exposure.

Just about right, a little highlight on the skin, still some shadows and blacks, a lot to work with.

So then the guys take their places, I said whatever they wanted, throwing a few ideas out about sitting on an arm or feet on the table. But really I knew they knew what to do, they sat as they saw fit, a/j was already dressed in a coat with an umbrella form being outside. Effortless.

After a few shots I really appreciate the comfort-ability level with the shoot. I wanted to get some great shots and also be quick and get out of their hair.

These are the two "keepers" that I wanted to share.

Thanks for looking!

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Saint Motels "Move" -- See them live if you have the chance!