Portrait of a band - WEATHERS - Salt Lake City @ The Comeplex

"We're already here, lets do it."

... That is something I say to myself or my clients on almost every shoot. 

Usually when you are getting some photos, portrait, group, family, whatever. You always have this feeling when you "have enough" or "have enough to work with", that is always a nice feeling, the I've done my job feeling.

But then you always have another idea, another location, and if you're client/subject is willing I always say ask, and ask if they have any ideas, try something new.

Always trying to keep this in mind, when I was at a concert, taking a portrait of the band Saint Motel (See blog post).

The supporting musical group WEATHERS was also there. I took the opportunity to offer to take their portrait as well.

My lights already set up, my settings dialed in. All I did was change the background and subject for a great effect.

Here are the two keepers from that 90 second shoot.

Thanks for looking!

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