Part 2 of 3 - Swim Team Member Portraits @ J & Jeanné Wagner Jewish Community Center

Continuing with part 2 of this overall shoot experience...

After initial group portraits, parents eagerly wait in the sidelines for the next stage. individual portraits.

I start immediately after the group shot by moving my lighting set up to a more closed off corner just a few feet away (pictured below). With a nice green and pink floral background and soft light in the shadows of the building I line up the subjects for their portraits.

Metering for the background again, and allowing the quick and reliable TLL capabilities of the Profoto B2 kit I had the few brave young subjects step into my makeshift studio and make their experience fun.

As like the other group photographs taken this day, slight adjustments were made for exposure, warmth and adjusting the tone cure slightly for effect.

Stay Tuned!

For part 3 of three which will cover the giant group portrait of over fifty kids! As well as the remaining single portraits.

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