Shooting Tegan and Sara @ In The Venue, SLC

The downtown event host, In The Venue is the spot for this show from Tegan and Sara. The indie pop duo fresh off their 8th album.

I was there to take some photos.

Lines are already formed as I walked to the venue.

Wrapping all around the outside, fans brave the wind and rain to get in to the show.

Once indie you have to make your way in and out of the crowd, passing local radio booths, merch tables and bars.

I always need to get a few fan portraits. I grab some people that either look super interesting to me or they are they type that make eye contact with me and I will grab them for a quick portrait. Here are some of those.

Then it was that time for the opening act. Shura, an English singer/songwriter that tours with a supporting band.

Then the headliners. Tegan and Sara with their touring band as well.

Thanks for looking!

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Musician Vincent Draper - An album listening party.

A friend of mine and local musician Vincent Draper recently held a listening party with some new music...

Now sometimes I feel a little spread thin, having to be on the other side of town, but I am a strong advocate for local music, and supporting efforts for people making quality, creative content of their own style. 

So I stopped in, in support of a friend and great musician.

Here are some images from my time there and be sure to check out his music at.

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