Pie & Beer Day! 2016 - With KRCL at Beer Bar

If you're a Utahan or in Utah, there is only one way to appropriately celebrate July 24th.

Playing on the words of "Pioneer Day", the people of Utah and especially in Salt Lake City have avidly adopted the celebration in the best way. Eating and drinking copious amounts of Pie & Beer.

This year marks the 3rd Annual formal festivities from radio station KRCL. Partnering with Beer Bar in Salt Lake City and inviting a plethora of local breweries and eatery entities to take part in this glorious summer fest.

Images included show some set up, the crowd growing, people getting dunked in the tank. Generally everyone having a good time, please take a gander and be sure to make it next year.

All photos (C) Lmsorenson Photography, special thanks to KRCL and all the participants.

(Courtesy : KRCL.com)

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