Givestock - Part 2 - Featuring The Str!ke, Cold War Kids...

Part two of the Givestock festival, put on by Even Stevens Sandwiches. 

Featured Musicians: VanLadyLove, Zodiac Empire, The Str!ke, and headliners Cold War Kids.

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Pie & Beer Day @ Beer Bar! (a KRCL fundraiser)

Many people in Utah are fully aware and celebrate the weird, useless holiday of Pioneer day. The time when Brigham Young did... something... blah blah...

But this post is about what the sane people in the state have now embraced, a new kind of July 24th celebration.

Pie & Beer Day! - A much more delicious way to celebrate by imbibing  baked goods and  local brews.

Local establishment Beer Bar hosts an outlet for such a way of celebrating this newly adopted tradition. Having many brewers and bakeries from around the Salt Lake area, locals can buy tickets to this tasting and pairing mini festival and enjoy all the foods, beverages, music and dunk tank they can handle.

Below are images and video! From the experience, enjoy!


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GIVESTOCK (Part 1) By Even Steven Sandwiches. Sat. July 11th

Fun in the sun in SLC, Saturday July 11th. The music and Arts fest 'Givestock' is happening at the Gallivan Center downtown.

The whole day being full of Acoustic Music, Arts, Crafts, Face Painting, Cuts & Shaves and some good 'ole Corn Hole.

These are images from the event, people enjoying themselves, the music, the art, and the day overall.

Featured in the images of this, Part 1 of the Givestock blog post coverage.

Red Rocketts (Roller Derby/Dunk Tank), Even Stevens Sandwiches (Food Vendor), Face Painting Booth, Evan Jed (Artist Vendor),  Fesitval Cornhole Competition, Financially Fit (Guest Business), Another Level (Barber/Vendor),  Old Fashioned Lemonade Stand (Run by a 4 Year old).

Artists: Gabriel Danilchik, Cotton Floozy, Socially Awkward Sticher, Scott Tuckfield, Good Vibe Gems, Arctic Summer Media, Dane Goodwin Art.

Musicians (Acoustic Stage): Genevieve Smith (Cello), Vincent Draper (Vox, Guitar), Charles Elsworth (Vox, Guitar), Dealin' In Dirt, Herban Empire, First Daze.

Musicians (Amphitheater Stage): Daisy & The Moonshines, Westward The Tide.