Snap Shots from the Utah Arts Festival 2018 - Gallery

With the hugely popular Utah Arts Festival going on just up the way from my studio, I had to head out and take a few shots of just people enjoying themselves.

Throughout the festival there are vendors and musicians playing around the City & County Building grounds.

There are also performances going on on the "Big Mouth" Stage including musicians:

Then later in the day the "Big Mouth" stage is taken over for a slew of passionate Poets.

Did you make it out to the festivities? - Please share your experience below!




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Photoshoot at Adobe - Art Installations at Adobe Systems.

On assignment at Adobe Systems in Lehi UT, curator Andrew Ehninger takes interviewer Mariah Mellus and I on a tour of the facilities newest additions of on site art installations.

After taking us through security at Adobe Systems, we start by taking a stroll down the main floor corridor. In this wonderfully lit, open, inviting hallway, I am reminded that I can take photos of most everything, just not current displays, offices, or screens as we pass down the corridor.

Further along the hallways of Adobe we come upon some of the art work. Mainly hung along entryways in various open walkways, we receive information of the pieces themselves  as well as more about the process of picking the artists.

Using the site Behance. (, curator Andrew Ehninger takes submissions, multitudes reviewed per week.

Using QR coded name plates, artist information is easily accessible via a quick smart phone scan or Google search.


We take the elevator to the top floor of Adobe. Upon exiting, we view a permanent installation of a metal track, extending the height of the building, down the stairwell. 

Adobe employees and visitors can collect a ball pit style toy at the bottom on their way up, and opt to use this functional structure as a track for the ball to travel to the bottom.


Now, moving from the the main stairwell in Adobe,  discussing the mediums used, inspirations and the goal of this exhibition as well view more works floor after floor.

Providing more information on the artists as well as talking about his own pieces on the walls, Andrew Ehninger and Mariah Mellus discuss his personal creative process.

Andrew Ehninger poses for a photo next to his own piece in the stairwell of the Adobe Systems building.

We continue down the stairs and view floor after floor of work.

Ending the tour, Andrew and Mariah take to the upper floor of the common area/cafeteria.


A relaxing area including pool tables, free soda fountains, tables, cafeteria and even a small workout area. With another large installation opposite of this view that spans the length of the nearby stair bank.

As the interview of curator Andrew Ehninger comes to a close, I take a few more atmospheric images showing the scale of this main, windowed, naturally lit slice of architecture. 

The entire Adobe building is a great aesthetic and was a treat to get a look around, and the artwork that hangs within its walls provides a refreshing, creative atmosphere for the staff and visitors at the same time giving the artists some much appreciated exposure and sale opportunity.

To read the full piece from writer Mariah Mellus, check out or click the link below.


To see the art for yourself, see the Adobe/Behance page for info on their events, and below is an included map to their main building in Lehi, UT.


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GIVESTOCK (Part 1) By Even Steven Sandwiches. Sat. July 11th

Fun in the sun in SLC, Saturday July 11th. The music and Arts fest 'Givestock' is happening at the Gallivan Center downtown.

The whole day being full of Acoustic Music, Arts, Crafts, Face Painting, Cuts & Shaves and some good 'ole Corn Hole.

These are images from the event, people enjoying themselves, the music, the art, and the day overall.

Featured in the images of this, Part 1 of the Givestock blog post coverage.

Red Rocketts (Roller Derby/Dunk Tank), Even Stevens Sandwiches (Food Vendor), Face Painting Booth, Evan Jed (Artist Vendor),  Fesitval Cornhole Competition, Financially Fit (Guest Business), Another Level (Barber/Vendor),  Old Fashioned Lemonade Stand (Run by a 4 Year old).

Artists: Gabriel Danilchik, Cotton Floozy, Socially Awkward Sticher, Scott Tuckfield, Good Vibe Gems, Arctic Summer Media, Dane Goodwin Art.

Musicians (Acoustic Stage): Genevieve Smith (Cello), Vincent Draper (Vox, Guitar), Charles Elsworth (Vox, Guitar), Dealin' In Dirt, Herban Empire, First Daze.

Musicians (Amphitheater Stage): Daisy & The Moonshines, Westward The Tide.