A Portrait of a Butcher - Beltex Meats

In this post I will share some information on how I went about getting some portraits of a local butcher for SLUG Magazine and their upcoming Food Issue.



An opportunity to photograph a local shop owner for a feature about their new shop? I am in!

The information I was given is that there was a new butcher shop and meat vendor in the downtown Salt Lake area, the owner is my subject, a time and an address. I am told I have about 15 minutes to take some shots before the shop opens.

I arrived 10 minutes early, I park in front of the shop, take out my C-Stand and attach it to the wheel base, grab my bag and I walk up to the shop's entrance. Since it was closed that means I have the pick of any location in inside to make my images, no customers will be shopping, just me and my subject.


I meet my subject, owner/operator Butcher Philip Grubisa, shake his hand and ask him if I can take a look around the shop to find a good place for the portraits.

The interior of the shop is open, not too large and has about 12' white ceilings. (See Video)

I decide the use two display cases, one shorter case more towards the entrance and the other just on the other side of the pillar that is taller.

As with all indoor shoots, the light available might not be the best for a portrait and or might not be bright enough for a photo at all. The below image shows before the addition of flash at usable settings.


I have Phillip place himself on the side of the shorter display case a sort of seated lean, super casual. I do not use a direct light source for this shot, seeing the large glass case and the narrow walkway, getting the position of the light stand just right would be impossible. I opt to use a 7' reflector to direct the light from the strobe away from the subject and toward the ceiling, they are low enough and will reflect the light downward, spreading it evenly.

I grab these two shots...

I move onto the other side of the main beam in the room to work against the taller display case in the shop.

Turning my C-Stand and light so that it fired on the correct side of the ceiling beam like so...

Using a diferent angle by holding the 5D IV over head. I used the touch screen I was able to get these shots...

At last I bring the angle back down to a shoulder to eye level shot. I ask Philip if he has any meats we can grab and put on the counter next to him.

I leave the light as is, and we capture a few more shots.


My final shots being submitted and 

Gear Used

I take with me the following gear, please follow these links to see the product details and if you purchase from them through these links, it helps me out a bit. Thanks!

Canon 5D Mark IV

Canon 24-70 f/2.8 USM II

Xplor 600 Monolight with 7" Reflector

Impact C-Stand with arm

Kupo C-Stand Base with locking wheels

Neewer 43" Umbrella Softbox

Lowepro AW 200 Messenger Bag

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